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About The Best Racing Wheel for Xbox

The racing wheel for the Xbox was developed and launched by Microsoft for the Xbox 360 version. It was introduced to the market in 2006 and was released in November of the same year.The steering wheel controller includes the brake pedals and floor mounted accelerator along with the standard gamepad buttons.

What is the Need of an Xbox Steering Wheel?

Imagine you are driving a sports car which you have always dreamt of. The steering wheel has soft leather and the powers you get under your feet as you start the engine are essential for this awesome experience.The steering wheel gives you that experience while gaming on Xbox. The experience of driving a real car can be properly simulated with the help of a steering wheel.

There are many games in the market of racing games which struggle hard to get the attention of young customers but they fail because none of them need a wheel for proper gaming. The steering wheel gives you a simulation experience by which it makes you feel you are driving a real car. Of course there will be no external factors like wind and other conditions but apart from that, the experience is worthwhile and realistic.

The best racing wheel enhances your experience of gaming in many ways. First, as you control the pedals and wheel your reflexes are present in the front as well as centre. Force feedback is the second benefit. The peripheral allows you to feel the over correction through the wheel resistance and vibration. This can be because the car sliding in the rain or because of a bumpy road.

Characteristics of a Good Gaming Wheel

A wheel must have the characteristics and attributes that can improve your gaming experience to a great extent and thus provide the best experience. The most important are the features that can improve the racing simulation. A wheel having more impressive features will bring you closer to the feeling of actually sitting behind a real steering wheel in a real car. Design, customization and help are the other three important characteristics that one must look for while selecting a wheel. Here we will give you detailed information on all these characteristics.


The wheel must be easy to set up and store. The quality is determined by measuring how accurate the control is and how much of rotation is allowed. The rotation degree ranges from 180 to 1,080 degrees and the best wheel will give you the maximum range. A pedal attachment is another necessity.


Your outlook can change just by putting your hands on a high quality or leather rubber cased wheel. The comfort level is increased and thus increases you’re playing hours significantly.Apart from that you must make sure your wheel set is heavy so that there is a very less chance of it sliding away.


This category contains all the things that you can adjust depending on your needs and preferences you must be able to adjust the sensitivity of steering, feedback strength and also the ABS.

Help and Support

Since a steering wheel is quite expensive it is important to have a decent warranty. User guides and FAQs must be easily accessible when you buy a wheel for gaming.

Thus, wheels for gaming on Xbox are very important for an awesome experience of racing games. They give a quite realistic and memorable experience. While purchasing it,make sure the above attributes are possessed by thewheel.

PS: Logitech g27 is a quality simulator wheel but not work for Xbox.