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              We respect historical heritage and constantly pursue quality and innovation. With unique professional technology and aestheticconcepts, our products present a unique romantic style.

              Service project
              Video recording
              • Pure crystal image concept film
                The film's sense of presentation reveals the subtle feelings between materials, machines, and people, making video content richer and adding more sensory experiences.
              • Pure Crystal Group x Beauty Fair
                China Beauty Expo, one of the world's three major exhibitions, has an exhibition area of 260,000 square meters; exhibitors from over 40 countries and regions, more than 3,500 well-known domestic and foreign cosmetics companies compete on the same stage; 500,000 visitors and more than 100 Industry media have a common focus.
              • Pure crystal corporate video
                Since its establishment, Pure Crystal has been honing its craftsmanship and constantly pursuing quality and innovation. Cooperate with many well-known brands around the world to provide high-quality matching packaging services to more than 1000 well-known cosmetics companies at home and abroad. With excellent quality, it is exported to hundreds of countries and regions such as Europe, America, Southeast Asia, etc. inside and outside.